The benefits of BCAAs, which stands for branched chain amino acids, are numerous. No matter your goals, BCAAs are a useful tool to include in your nutritional arsenal.

BCAAs offer multiple benefits to all that use them. For those looking to lose weight, sipping BCAAs before and during their training can help protect their muscle from breakdown. When we’re in a calorie deficit, our body will have to source energy from somewhere. During a workout, this can sometimes come from endogenous protein turnover, which means your body breaks down some of its own muscle tissue to create the energy required for exercise. That muscle gets broken down into its constituent parts, which is a series of branched and essential amino acids, which then get shuttled into the blood, before it gets converted into blood sugar for use as energy. This is where one of the most powerful benefits of BCAAs comes into play. Drinking BCAAs before and during exercise can help counter this breakdown of muscle tissue. By doing so, we put amino acids into the blood so that they are already present, which essentially tells the body, “don’t break down your own muscle! Look, there are already amino acids in your blood stream! Use those for energy instead.” The net result is us keeping more of our muscle tissue while we lose weight, which is extremely important to keeping our metabolism strong and healthy.

For those training to build muscle or increase sports performance, BCAAs are equally useful. Research has established that the consumption of BCAAs before and during training can reduce muscular damage. This allows us to train again sooner, and at a higher level of effort. The more recovered we are, the more progress we can make. As well, BCAAs, namely the amino acid leucine, activates some important pathways to protein synthesis, which is the repair and construction of muscle tissue. On a more immediate level, BCAA intake during a workout increases performance by decreasing time to fatigue and boosting overall endurance, allowing you to push hard from start to finish and get the most out of your training efforts.

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