I began training with LiftHacks in November 2015, after reaching out online. I followed one of their client’s fitness and powerlifting journey on social media and was truly amazed with her strength and physique, and knew that I wanted to adopt a similar style of training. At that point, I was overweight and not very confident or comfortable with my body, so my first goal was to lose weight and body fat. My LiftHacks coach immediately helped me redefine my self image and relationship with training and nutrition, stressing that it’s more about how I FEEL rather than how I look. She introduced me to macro counting, reminding me that food is fuel for my workouts and that I could still eat the foods that I love, but in moderation. I adopted that mindset and my confidence began to increase – not just in the gym, but everyday life. My workouts got better each week and I began lifting more than I ever thought I could.

In the Spring, my goal changed – instead of wanting to lose weight, I decided I wanted to get stronger instead. When I told my coach about my change in goals and mindset, she was so supportive and knew exactly how to adjust my training program to reach my goals. From there, we set a date in August for a mock powerlifting meet so that I could test my maxes to see how far I had progressed. I’m so happy to say that my numbers jumped like crazy. I used to squat 85lbs, I PR’d with 185lbs. I wasn’t even benching the bar before training with LiftHacks, at my mock meet I hit 75lbs. I used to deadlift 135lbs, and I pulled 215lbs at my mock meet with ease.

Since my mock meet, my coach and I have set new training and nutrition goals for me to achieve. I am working towards my initial goal of weight/fat loss while continuing to build my strength in the gym, with hopes of competing in my first powerlifting meet in 2017. The continuous support and positivity I receive from my coach has pushed me to reach my goals, and not feel discouraged if I ever have a bad day at the gym or a non-macro friendly cheat meal.

I’m incredibly happy with how far I’ve come, both physically and mentally, since I first started working with LiftHacks, and can’t wait to see more strength and confidence gainz to come in the future.”

– Shay Kumar

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