Training & Nutrition Package 2

$297.00 $210.00

Normal price for just Level 2 Nutrition: $97/month

– Daily macro nutrient intake recommendations sent weekly

– Adjustments made on a weekly basis based on feedback and what your next week schedule will look like

– Takes into deep consideration your schedule, no matter how diverse/difficult it may seem

– Check ins with progress pictures every week

– Email communication as often as you require with questions with regards to meal planning, outings, how to make your personal life fit with reaching your goals

Normal price for just Level 2 Training: $130/month

– New, fully personalized training program sent out on a weekly basis

– Adjustments made weekly, based on your personal feedback of what you enjoyed, how you performed and the progress that has been made

– Official check ins weekly, based on feedback, progress pictures and bodyweight

– Communication is available as often as is required, and workouts can be altered/training days can be switched if your schedule requires

– Videos are encouraged in order to assess technique and provide feedback on how to improve your technique, to make the exercises as effective as possible and to avoid injury

– Constant contact allows for creativity and variation with your personal workouts, as your coach will learn what you enjoy, what you don’t enjoy, and what equipment you have available

Level 2 Nutrition and Training package – $210/month * LiftHacks BEST DEAL!

– Allows your coach to customize your workouts not only to your personal lifestyle, but to your daily macro nutrient intake as well

– This produces the fastest results, as your coach is in control of as much as possible without disrupting your day to day life

– Weekly check ins will reflect the following week’s nutrition, as well as training programs

– You are enabling your coach to have more control over your strength progress by tailoring your macro nutrient intake to each specific workout


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